Smoked mackerel, served with organic lentil & rock samphire 6.00

Marinated anchovy fillets 4.00

Vine leaves rolls (stuffed with rice, onion, dill) 6.00

Fava beans (with oil and caper) 4.00

Roasted eggplant with feta, tomato, Florina peppers 6.00

Falafel (chickpeas balls with fresh herbs) 5.00

Oregano balls with organic potatoes, fresh oregano, marjoram & feta

(served with cheese mousse) 4.50

Pan fried portobello mushrooms (with pepper and onions) 5.50

Grilled pleurotus mushrooms with balsamic vinegar6.00

“Hahles” (Lesvos island traditional pasta boats) 7.00

stuffed with vegetables & feta cheese

Handmade pie rolls, stuffed with goat cheese & herbs 4.00

(4 pieces, every extra roll +1,00)

Kavourmas” (beef & porkmeat confit) with fried eggs 4.50

Grilled organic potatoes with fresh goat butter and herbs 3.00

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