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  “In the delightful Tsinari part of Ano Poli, this earthy restaurant sources many of its ingredients from its back garden, serving a diverse range of Greek dishes that focus on specialities from Crete and Lesvos islands – try the Cretan herb pita, sun-dried fish and fantastic salads. You can…

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Presentation of Rediviva by Eleni Psichouli

A cooperative restaurant in Tsinari, the most piqturesque part of Old Town, in Thessaloniki. Colourful, and full of fragrances from flowers and herbs, holding as an emblem a huble cuisine that is transformed in absolutely “haute cuisine” when you taste the magic trout, smoked by friends of the owenrs, in…

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Edible flowers at Rediviva

edible flowers collected daily

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Every morning we collect organically grown edible flowers from our garden at Chortiatis in order to serve them cooked or raw in our cooperative restaurant Rediviva. The culinary use of flowers dates back thousands of years to the Chinese, Greek and Romans. In the traditional Greek cuisine zucchini flowers are…

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