Wild mushrooms risotto with black truffle oil

Wild Peny buns for our risotto

A unique wild mushrooms risotto dish with a rich taste and intense aromas, that bring us mentally into a humid and dreamy forest. To reach this little dream we are using arborio rice from North Italy, because it releases it’s starch constantly while cooked, giving a nice pouring texture. The flavor is enriched with our home made vegetable broth, in which we add a bouquet of aromatic herbs. This is an important step because a the rice is slowly boiling, it is absorbing all the aromas.

However the decisive taste touch is given by the addition of first quality dried wild mushrooms that we get from Grevena area. These wild mushrooms are dried in a natural process, that makes them retain unchanged all their qualities and components, as well as their rich aromas and tastes.

I particular, and depending on availability we use the following species of wild mushrooms:

  • Penny Buns (Boletus edulis), one of the most delicious wild mushrooms and also maybe the most popular one, with a chestnut and hazelnut aroma,
  • Horn of plenty mushrooms (Craterellus cornucopioides), a very delicious species with a vanilla aroma,
  • Yellow foot mushrooms (Craterellus lutescens) with a sweat and pleasant taste and intense fruit aromas.

As a final touch we add Black truffle oil (Τuber melanosporum) from Taxiarchis, Chalkidiki, which apart from it’s unique aroma, it also brings out the subtle flavors or all other ingredients.

To boost it’s creamy texture, we add ground Pecorino cheese from Amphilochia; a local cheese produced from fresh pasteurized sheep’s milk giving it a rich aroma and a characteristic spicy taste.

This wild mushrooms risotto dish is served with extra Pecorino cheese, freshly ground pepper and finely chopped parsley.

Just try it!

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