The flowers of the connoisseurs; stuffed zucchini flowers at Rediviva

Zucchini flowers stuffed with feta cheese, cream cheese and aromatic herbs, just before frying them.

The zucchini flowers open their petals in the summer morning dew and they have a distinguished position at the table of every good cook. Zucchini flowers more than any other summer vegetable, are a special plate of the Greek traditional cuisine.
We collect them early in the morning from our garden at Chortiatis; needless to mention that they organically grown. They have to be collected really early, because with the first hot sun beams they “retreat to themselves”, sealing their delicate petals. We then remove with care the stamens because they can be a bit bitter, as well as the little stalks and wash them thoroughly.


Zucchini flowers stuffed with rice; a traditional recipe

We serve them in three tasteful versions, each one unique for it’s flavor:
The classic simple recipe from Smyrni; stuffed with rice, onion, mint and tomato, cooked in a pot with lemon.

Stuffed with cream cheese, feta cheese and aromatic herbs, and fried in a crispy batter.
And whenever we have organic eggs we serve them also in an omelet with baby zucchinis and chives (also from our garden).

Bon apetite!


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