Our garden is our philosophy

Autumn production from our garden

Our name “Rediviva cucina povera” is expressing our philosophy; the rebirth of the poor people’s cuisine. We are cooking Mediterranean cuisine twisted a bit with a creative and imaginative mood.

We use simple, “humble” ingredients, offered to us with generosity from the Greek nature; the farm, the forest and the sea. Our menu is changing according to the seasons; after all this was a basic principle of the Mediterranean diet.

During the summer there are zucchini flowers, produced in our farm in Chortiatis, edible flowers (Calentula, Capucino, Borago), blites, purslane and fresh origanum with which we create original and very tasty salads. In autumn and winter we use late or seasonal vegetables as well as the wild ones that defy frosts.

At the end of winter and in spring, when nature rejuvenates, we use a great variety of wild greens (chervil, Mediterranean hartwort, spiny chicory, poppy, nettle, grass pea, white mustard, fennel, dandelion, burdock) to create unique plates, often in combination with fish or meat.

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