Frontyards in Thessaloniki

Rediviva Cucina Povera results from an idea of five friends who created a cooperative restaurant. It stands out because it serves a wide variety of organic vegetables from their garden in Chortiatis, in addition to the use of a selection of fine organic products and the live music events they organize with well known musicians from our city. In the summer there is  an elevated beautiful and very green yard, waiting for us…. a real herb garden!

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis)

Lemon balm is a herb known since ancient times for it’s appetizing and relaxing properties, with many culinary uses. It has a characteristic fragrance that reminds us of citrus fruits owing to cytosole and citronellal essences. It’s content of linoleol delivers an aroma with some hints of lilies, while we can sense a fragrance of wild roses owing to the geraniol essence that it contains.

We cultivate it in our garden at Chortiatis and we use it in our cuisine either fresh, as it releases richer aromas compared to the dried version, or in marinades and especially in our particularly refreshing sauce which accompanies some of our dishes.

Gastronomos Magazine

A group of friends make history… from Foodie Guide the insert of Gastronomos magazine (supplement of Kathimerini newspaper).

Live music nights

During winter nights Rediviva cucina povera is hosting some of the best groups of our city.

Check out our f/b for upcoming events!

Aegean Blue magazine

‘Rediviva cucina povera’ is a new arrival with a colourful courtyard, a commitment to fresh ingredients (many vegetables come from its own garden), and excellent dishes including cod cooked in the oven with wild greens and raisins.

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