Gastronomos Magazine

A group of friends make history… from Foodie Guide the insert of Gastronomos magazine (supplement of Kathimerini newspaper).

Biscotto Thessaloniki.

” Rediviva Cucina Povera: Solidarity spirit and tidbits at Tsinari” ” We are in the Old Town, in one of the most historical neighbourhoods; Tsinari. A few meters away from the fountain of Murad II – a land mark of the area – there is a restaurant which presented itseld…

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Greece IS magazine

“Shaking Up Thessaloniki’s Food Scene Imaginative entrepreneurs and chefs are filling the gaps on Thessaloniki’s rich restaurant map. “   “The business of reviving the Thessaloniki food scene is being carried out mainly among friends. Τalented young people with culinary know-how, a shared enthusiasm and fresh ideas gleaned from travel pin-pointed what…

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